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St. Aug's Food Bank


In 2011, the  "St. Aug's Pantry"  manifest in collaboration with the Historic Oak Park Church ("HOC") and its community partners to distribute food products daily within the Fellowship Halls and Afterschool education programs established in  alliance  with  the Historic Civil Rights Churches throughout the Detroit Community.

Distributing prepared lunch boxes daily, and weekly serving 200 + Families and Children, Veterans, and Disabled Citizens fresh produce, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, fresh seafood, chicken and at some sites meats.

Families, and individuals, that have the capacity to benefit are eligible to qualify as recipients of the good foods distributed. 

Present day, the St. Aug's Pantry operates as "St. Aug Food Bank" and provides

services in faith, and homage of the Christ like spirit of our Lord. 

A partial listing of community partner sites in MI, MS, DMV,  GA, TN that distribute may be accessed by clicking the HYPERLINK






St. Aug's Food Bank ~ Summer CampUS MI Food Distribution Report - 2019 


You may also contact the "Historic Oak Park Church" Community Outreach Program                                        


St. Aug's Food Bank

Thanksgiving Dinner






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